Geraldine Siller-Gasser

In December 1983 I was born into the biggest and oldest Swiss circus family. As I travelled all around the world with my sisters and my parents and their acts, I saw and discovered a lot of things.
I was very lucky to live and grow up with many different cultures and people. At the age of three I started to play around with the hoops like almost every circus child. In 1993, at the age of 9, I had my first official performances in the ring. Of course though only in the afternoon shows as going to school was the priority.

Out of playfully playing with the hoops, with the years I created a hoop act full of tempo, sympathy and a touch of sexyness, to many different themes and also as the first person in Europe performing with LED-Hoops, which I still show today on different events.
Since 2012 I live with my two children and husband in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Next to my act I am a Make-Up artist and create Make-Ups for theme parties or do face painting for kids on business or family events. Also in my program I have balloons, bubbles and I give circus workshops

(for example in schools).
In the warmer months of the year, ladies come to me for hula-hoop courses to shape their body for the summer time and in my free time i spend at my sewingmachine.

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